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Are you looking for a career at our central office? 

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Please join us in-person, to learn more about the roles we are hiring for such as Food Services, Bus Drivers, Bus Attendants, Climate Staff, Special Education Assistants, and many more!

Samuel Fels
High School

5500 Langdon St

Phila, PA 19124

Northeast Community
Propel Academy

7500 Rowland Ave
Phila, PA 19136

The Office of Talent Support Services hosts office hours for candidates, employees, hiring managers, and anyone else who might have a question or need support filling a job, applying to a role, or getting started in a new position. Virtual office hours are hosted Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 1PM - 2PM EST.  Please join us using the
link below.

Are you looking for a teacher position? 

Teachers can truly shape the leaders of our tomorrow.

We Are Hiring Assistant Teachers!

Immediate opportunities are available for assistant teachers with some college experience to ignite change in classrooms.

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow is a click away.

The School District of Philadelphia is an incredible organization comprised of teachers, administrators, and support staff. Each person in each position is critical to the educational growth of students. Every member of our team takes pride in their job because we know that the students need us. What we do shapes the leaders of tomorrow!


“The best part of my job as a custodial assistant is that I make a difference! Myself and my staff make sure that everyday our children walk into a clean and safe environment for them to learn and flourish in. I take great pride in making a positive impact on each and every child that walks through them doors through the work I do. Most importantly I'm learning more than ever about the daily and mechanical operations of our school buildings which will further my growth in the Philadelphia School District and make me more knowledgeable of what I need to do to better assist our children.”

Charles Lawrence

Custodial Assistant

Penrose Elementary School

Classroom Assistant Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Assists special education classroom teachers assigned to programs for students with
disabilities, including impaired hearing. Assists teachers of deaf/hard of hearing support in the implementation of instructional activities in school and community settings.

Ready to apply?

Interpreter for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Provides sign language interpretation for signing Deaf or Hard of Hearing students mainstreamed into regular education classes. Facilitates communication between Hard of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students and their teachers, their hearing peers and other personnel within the School District. Uses American Sign Language, transliteration or sign support to relay information both to and from the Deaf/Hard of Hearing student in order to assist in the instructional and socialized processes.

Ready to apply?

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Special Education Assistants

Provide special needs students instructional support and assistance with medical equipment, daily activities, and monitoring health and behavior. Candidates who apply will be invited to an information session within one week of application.

Salary Starting at $15.95 hourly. 

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Support Service Assistants

Part time positions start at $15.95 hourly. Support Service Assistants provide instructional assistance in the classrooms in major subject areas.

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Bus Drivers &
Bus Attendants

Qualified drivers start at $19.49 per hour. Candidates who apply will be invited to an information session within one week of application.

NOTE: Retired Bus Drivers are eligible to come back this year and still qualify for pension next year. 


Building Engineer

Starting salary of $47,272 the Building Engineer is responsible for the operation, maintenance and security of the school plant assigned, both buildings and grounds. 
Class A Stationary Engineer's license required.


Trade Skills

The School District of Philadelphia is now hiring a variety of trade skill workers. Click the link below for specific trades.

Student Climate.png

Student Climate Staff

Support the school climate in hallways, lunchrooms, playgrounds and transitions. Starting at $16.21 per hour.  Candidates who apply will be invited to an information session within one week of application.

Ready to apply?

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Food Service Workers

Pay range from $16.68 to $20.72.  Assemble and prepare meals, clean service areas, and occasional cashiering. Interested candidates can apply using the link below.

Ready to apply?

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School Nurses

Competitive salary based on experience.

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Bilingual Translator

Bilingual Counseling Assistant provide ongoing communication between student's parents/guardians and school staff about student's academic performance, attendance, and behavior.

Salary Starting at $16.95 hourly.

Must be fluent in English.
A variety of languages available.
Ready to apply?

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STEP School Behavior Consultants & STEP Clinical Coordinators

The STEP Project goal is to continue to improve behavioral health services for all Philadelphia public school students.

Competitive salary based on experience.

Ready to apply?

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School Safety Officer

School Safety Officers are guardians and mentors. Join us in fostering safe, secure, and supportive learning environments for our students and school communities. 
New School Safety Officers
(10-month position) start at $32,863

Pay increase per CBA for all new Officers
effective 9/1/23 to $33,849

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